What is baby monitor?

What is baby monitor?

Baby monitor is a device used to know what the baby is doing on the crib owlet vs angelcare. Babies will cry in the absence of parents and the parents can’t be with the babies always. So, the baby monitors play the major role here. The baby monitor will record the each and every movements of the baby. It has mike in it to receive the baby sound because infant sound will be very low, it can’t reach up to the baby monitor. With the help of mike, the sound can be heard clearly. The baby monitor will act as the transmitter and the other end will be with the parent, it acts as the receiver. Once the baby starts to cry or make any kind of noises, the signal will be sent to the parent and they can come to the baby at once.

What is a baby monitor and 5 best baby monitors for new parents in 2019 |  GearBest Blog

In some baby monitors the parents can talk through the receiver and the baby can hear their parent voice on the transmitter. After hearing their voice, baby will start to calm down and then parents can go and get the kid. Some kids will cry a lot after waking up from the sleep so, to avoid this talking baby monitor can be used. Some baby monitor will have video recorder option too. So, it will record the baby actions too. Parents can watch their activities from their receiver or it can be connected to their phones. It will be safe for the children and parent will also feel secure through it. They can watch the baby activities at anytime from anywhere. And the same time they can communicate through it. Babies won’t feel missing of their parents.

What is a baby monitor and 5 best baby monitors for new parents in 2019 |  GearBest Blog

Where to place to the baby monitor?

Baby monitors need to place at proper place to receive the sound from the baby. During the 6 months of phase, the baby monitor can be placed on the baby’s crib. So, the sound can be received with keen. After that the place can be changed, because the babies will grow up in that period. They can able to sit and familiar to the surroundings too. So, they won’t cry at once. Then the device can place on the wall by making the holes on the wall. The device can be attached their but it should face directly to the baby’s crib. 

There should be nothing in between the baby monitor and baby’s crib. Then only the baby monitor can receive the baby’s sound without any disturbance or can record the baby’s movements too. The baby monitor will make sound kind music so, it is better to remove from the baby’s crib and place on the wall. The music will disturb the babies sleep pattern and the device can be turned off during the night time too. So, there will be no distraction of the baby, and it can sleep peacefully. So, parents need to choose the proper place before placing it. Wherever we place the baby monitor, it should directly focus on the baby’s crib alone.

Babies Crib Still on the Hunt

I know it’s still kind of early to buy babies cribs with all those months still before me. But then again, who can stop an excited mom to be? So, I’m using my time in looking around for the ideal one.
And since it is my first time to buy babies cribs, I kind of learnt a thing or two that I plan on sharing with you, fellows. These may just be a couple of buying tips, but I do believe that it’s going to be useful for everyone.

Safety Standards

Isn’t it nice the central authority have already set safety suggestions in purchasing babies cribs? With this on hand, we can easily pick from the loads of designs and styles available in shops. Your local baby store could fill you in with this, though.

Style and Design

Personally, I liked an antique crib I saw in a shop a few weeks ago. It just looked so vintage, my old soul shook in excitement. It did not meet the safety standards, though , failing by having headboard and footboard design cutouts. I didn’t purchase it, naturally, that’s why I’m still on the hunt for that pretty crib. And you must, too. Our babies’ safety should always come first, right?

Rumor is that with the new safety standards on the way, makers may not be making any brand new drop-side cribs. So don’t go running out to buy those drop-side cribs you have been eyeing before they get pulled out yet. Sticking with the drop-gate cribs or those with folding sides will be the best chance for everyone.

Where to Buy?

I know some might be truly busy to hunt for babies cribs. But with our modern technology, it is not that tough to buy may you be in any part of the world. There are a giant number of baby superstores with a wide variety of decisions. Or you can also purchase online, just pay more notice to the details and specifics if they match the safety standards.